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Our in-house design team will work with you to bring your ideas and artwork to life.

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We walk you through how to choose the best garments for your merch.

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We'll create a custom url for your store that you can share with your audience.

Sit Back & Relax

Sit back and relax while we handle the orders, payments, printing, and fulfillments

5 Benefits to Apparel Lab Merch Stores

1 Save Money

Handling checks and cash, counting sizes, making sure names and numbers are correct. What a hassle. Let them place their own orders online, on their terms. Online stores save organizations more than 5 hours of work compared to a typical custom order.

2 Save Time

Not sure how many tees you’ll actually need? Think grandma might want a shirt, too? Online stores offer you ultimate flexibility on who, where, when, and what you sell. Merch stores let anyone order your custom merchandise–and customize it, too!

3 Simplify Delivery

Don’t want to check the sizes on dozens of shirts? Hate chasing down that one person that never picks up their order? Let us bag, tag, and ship your orders. Stores offer clarity about deadlines. You always know when your merchandise is going to arrive.

4 Sell More

You don’t have to be an expert salesperson to make more money for your organization with online stores. We’ll arm you with the messaging and resources you need to make your store a success. Online stores make your organization seem more professional-and widen its reach.

5 Low Risk, Big Reward

We set up a professional online store. You share it with your customers. No subscription, no wasted time, no hassle. Even a basic online store costs more than $50 a month… and you still have to pay for printing and deal with delivery!

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