Meet Our Team

A magician never reveals their secrets, but here’s ours.

Nicole Reynolds

Production Manager & Sales Lead

Nicole sits in the driver’s seat on our crazy bus and helps direct the chaos. Fueled by caffeine & snacks, she does not sit still for very long. She LOVES to travel and plans her trips around local food and craft coffee. When Nicole is not at work she is living at the ballfield and running her two kiddos around.

Matt McLellan


Matt’s search for the most comfortable shirts on the planet led him to start Apparel Lab in the first place. (He’s kind of a t-shirt snob!) He’s also a big fitness enthusiast and you can often find him hanging out at the local CrossFit box, or post-workout hanging out with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Julia Donovan

Design Specialist & Print Lead

Julia is the creative artist of the bunch. Have you seen some of the super cool, creative designs we pump out? Yep – that’s her brain on paper, errrr, fabric. She’s also an avid distance runner (She fast, boi!) And if you’re ever bringing us cupcakes, make sure to stop by Mason Dixon bc she’s about that gluten-free life.

Ana Castillo

Sales Specialist

Meet Ana, CrossFit enthusiast and lover of all the doggos. She is the healthiest of our group. No cakes or sweets for her! Bring this girl a fresh plate of veggies. She enjoys good margaritas, bingo with friends and long walks in super comfy t-shirts.

Carrie Giles

Production Logistics & Care Coordinator

This is Carrie aka our resident Mom! She’s actually a fantastic mother of 3 other humans in real life as well as 2 fur babies. The most organized one of the bunch, she makes sure your order logistics stay ON POINT! Carrie is the first one to celebrate wins big or small, and is ALWAYS available for a good hug!

Charles Dean

Production Team

Charles is the fastest t-shirt slinger in the wild-wild west. He knocks out early morning production to help us meet our incredibly fast deadlines. If can’t find Charles, you might just check the gym. (Heyyy, I work out!) You can also find him basking in the Friday Night Lights at his kid’s highscool.

Sydney Dransfield

Production Team

The baby of the bunch, Sydney is our youngest team member; but you wouldn’t know that by her work ethic! She is detailed, steady and so reliable – we love her. When Syndey is not at work, she is guaranteed to have her nose buried in a book. She also loves learning about exotic animals with her siblings.

Heather Gohlich

Production Team

Talk about a work horse! Heather knows the mission and helps push the team towards the goal. As an Army veteran and mother of two, she balances running her home in between cross country meets and running the printers at work; she does not stop. In her downtime Heather is always searching for somewhere quiet she can enjoy some delicious food.

Ty Oswald

Laser & Wide Format Specialist

How to describe Ty in so few characters – can it be done? Best known for his beard, Ty is a retired Army vet who is passionate about helping his fellow comrades. Ty’s first love is cars but his wife Nicole is a close second. Don’t try to keep up with what he is driving, it changes almost as much as the weather. We can guarantee one thing, though – it wont be stock!

Sondra Rowe

Production Team

Sondra brought a lifetime of experience to our team. She has run a multitude of her own restaurants and small businesses. Her kids are almost grown but they still call Mom to find out how to cook chicken or handle stains. Sondra loves a good prime rib and snacks on salt and vinegar chips.

Tony Moore

Marketing & Design Specialist

Tony is the newest member to our team and brings with him a slew of marketing and design know-how. He’s a very extroverted personality and a creator at heart, but also shares a secret obsession for Kpop. He also enjoys creating, producing and rapping his own music – his true love is Hip Hop. He’s no stranger to anime and prides himself on his gaming abilities as well.


Chief Happiness Director

Roo is our resident shop dawg who is always at the ready and willing to greet you as you come visit! He might look like an 80lb Pitbull, but he’s the most friendly animal you’ll ever meet. While he’s a bit shy at first, we keep some special treats by the door to quickly help you become his new best friend. Roo loves all stuffed animals, cats, dogs, and is really great with little children. He also checks-in on our team during the day and keeps everyone smiling.

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